Backyard Pizza Night: How to Create a Kosher Pizza Feast

Friends sharing Kosher pizza and fries while enjoying drinks and laughter on a cozy outdoor patio.

With the warmth and conviviality of summer arriving once again, it’s the perfect time to plan a backyard pizza night. Hosting a pizza night with family and friends is a wonderful way to celebrate the season all while indulging in delicious food. Sarah’s Tent, your local source for kosher pizza in Skokie, has everything you […]

Celebrate Independence Day with Our Kosher BBQ Essentials

A group of friends celebrating Independence Day with a festive outdoor BBQ, waving American flags and enjoying food together.

Independence Day is one of the most exciting times of the year. It’s a holiday traditionally celebrated with friends and family, whether by watching fireworks or taking a dip in the pool. Every memorable Independence Day celebration is marked by delicious food, including savory BBQ meats and all the sides. If you want to plan […]

International Kosher Cuisines: Exploring Global Flavors While Staying True to Tradition

A colorful assortment of Asian dishes, including spring rolls, stir-fried vegetables, salads, and rice, arranged on a rustic wooden table.

For millions of Jewish faithful around the world, keeping to kosher guidelines is one of the most important facets of their religion. Keeping kosher is about more than food purity. Rather, it’s all about embracing traditions that are thousands of years old, connecting the faithful to those who went before them. Keeping kosher doesn’t have […]

Celebrate Shavuot with a Twist: 5 Innovative Kosher Recipes You Can’t Miss

A two-day celebration commemorating when God gave the Torah to the Jewish faithful at Mount Sinai, Shavuot is one of the cornerstone holidays of the Jewish faith. A time for gathering with family and friends and giving glory to God, Shavuot is also about enjoying good food with the ones you love. While there are […]

Revolutionize Your Week with These 8 Easy Kosher Meal Planning Tips

Man preparing various dishes in a kitchen, focusing on chopping vegetables with fresh produce and cooked meals arranged on the counter.

It’s fulfilling to cook homemade meals for your family but with the challenges of modern life, it can be difficult to prepare kosher meals every day of the week. However, there are some shortcuts that can help you not only serve delicious kosher meals but stay stress-free while doing it. Read on to discover eight […]

Green and Serene Shabbat: A Vegetarian’s Guide to a Three-Course Sabbath Feast

A person serving a healthy Kosher dinner with a mix of sautéed green beans, carrots, and peppers on a plate, with dishes of bread, falafel, and dips on the table

Shabbat is the day of rest and celebration that begins on Friday before sunset and ends the following evening after night falls. Shabbat is one of the most important days in Jewish tradition, a time when friends and family gather to enjoy a delicious meal. Everyone who unites around the table must enjoy the meal. […]