Which Birds Are (And Aren’t) Permitted for Consumption by Kashrut?

For most Jews, identifying kosher animals is easy, particularly those with distinct anatomical traits specified in the Kashrut. However, the same cannot be said for birds.  Kosher birds are not as clearly defined as fish or mammals, making it difficult to differentiate between the ones that are permitted and those that are forbidden. This post […]

How Eating an All-Kosher Diet Can Positively Impact Your Health

healthy family eating kosher food in the kitchen

The term kosher means fit or proper as in “fit to eat.” According to Jewish law, kosher dietary guidelines dictate which foods can be eaten, how it should be prepared, and what food groups can be combined for consumption. General kosher rules state that: Let’s look at how an all-kosher diet can be beneficial to […]

You Asked, Sarah Answered: What is the Process of Making Beef Kosher?

Great care must be taken to ensure beef processing is kosher from slaughter to store according to Jewish law. Strict rabbinical oversight and Kosher certification assures that your beef adheres to Jewish rules of consumption. In this blog, we’ll dig into the process of making kosher beef, including all of the certifications and regulations that […]