Rise and Shine with Kosher: Delicious Breakfast Ideas for an All-Kosher Morning

A hearty meal spread on a rustic table featuring sliced roast beef on bread, creamy hummus topped with olive oil and spices, vibrant green beans and broccoli, boiled eggs cut in halves, and a selection of olives. A mug of a hot beverage complements the meal, all presented on a textured background that enhances the homestyle and nourishing feel of the food.

Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day, and for good reason. After a night of restful sleep, a wholesome breakfast can give you a burst of energy and sharpen your mind. And if you’re looking for great kosher breakfast options, an all-kosher market like Sarah’s Tent has got you covered. The […]

The Only Potato Latke Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Celebrate Hanukkah or enjoy a cozy night in with traditional latkes made from simple and hearty ingredients. Potato latkes, or levivot, have a recipe that’s been refined throughout the centuries to be easy to make in large quantities so family and community can gather together. All you need are seven simple ingredients and whatever garnishes […]