Spring into Kosher: Fresh Seasonal Produce and Recipe Ideas

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Springtime arrives with a flourish of fresh fruit and vegetables, which fit well into a kosher diet. When choosing new recipes to try, you can find all the ingredients in Sarah’s Tent, your local kosher grocery store!

The Importance of Seasonal Eating

There’s something special about fresh produce. It’s not just tastier; it’s also a healthier choice. Whether it’s fruits or veggies, fresh is always the way to go. And the best part? Most of these fresh picks are budget-friendly!

Fruits and vegetables are pareve, meaning they’re great to pair with either dairy or meat in your kosher meals. Just remember, washing them thoroughly is key, especially the leafy greens, to make sure they’re free from tiny insects.

Spring’s Bounty: Highlighting Seasonal Produce

Let’s talk about what’s in season. For veggies, think asparagus, broccoli, carrots, and artichokes. And for fruits? Strawberries, apricots, cherries, and avocados are the stars of spring.

Storing Your Kosher Produce

Your refrigerator’s crisper drawer is designed to house produce, especially berries, with each being placed in its own plastic bag or storage container. Other produce such as potatoes, bananas, and apples can be kept on your countertop in an aerated wire basket.

For the most part, raw, unprocessed fruits and vegetables grown in the U.S. are considered kosher. When shopping at our kosher market, you can rest assured, all produce is kosher!

Kosher Recipe Ideas Featuring Spring Produce 

Creating a main course or side dish with produce is simple. A fresh tossed salad with herbs can be served as a side or complete meal. For something a bit different, asparagus and snap peas make a wonderful topping for your favorite salads.

For chillier days, a warm side like glazed green beans with olive oil and brown sugar, or a roasted carrot and beet medley incorporating fresh dill, can make a meal festive.

Fancy a main course? How about grilled fish with a spring herb marinade or a hearty roasted veggie and quinoa dish? And for soup lovers, a creamy leek and potato soup is just the ticket.

Incorporating Spring Herbs into Kosher Cooking

Herbs like parsley, dill, and cilantro not only are generally kosher but also add that extra zing to your dishes. To keep them fresh longer, wrap them in a damp paper towel and store them in your fridge.

Creative Uses of Spring Fruits in Kosher Meals 

Fresh spring fruits are a welcome addition to the start of your day and make for a healthy and wholesome afternoon snack. Try your hand at making a fruit crumble, berry parfait or homemade jam with fresh apricots, rhubarb or pears. 

Passover and Spring Produce

Fresh spring produce is welcome in a Passover meal. From roasted root vegetables to air-fried asparagus, an avocado cucumber salad to a citrus and arugula salad, these dishes will add flavor to your meal while brightening up your table. 

As with other holidays, special attention should be paid to Passover foods being kosher including fresh produce. If you have questions, the experts at Sarah’s Tent will have the answers!

Enjoy Fresh Spring Produce from Sarah’s Tent

Spring offers an array of fresh produce and Sarah’s Tent Kosher Market has a huge selection of spring fruits and vegetables to choose from. We always enjoy new recipes and welcome you to share them with our other readers. Need help with entertaining? Check out our Shabbat meal boxes and catering platters.

When looking for the best in spring produce and other kosher grocery products, look to your local all-kosher market, Sarah’s Tent.


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